Fun and Action in case the wind is calm

Fun and action are an important part of our philosophy. Out of this conviction, we have expanded our repertoire of toys for this season. To avoid you getting bored in case the usually very reliable wind is not with us for a day, we got a new Wake Winch in Mastichari and some SUP´s in our center. Even when the wind is calm our new toy´s are the guarantee for fun and action.


Stand Up Paddle Verleih in Kos Wakeboard Winch Aquaslider , Ringo, Schleppfahrten

Wake Winch in Mastichari

Wake Winch, Wake boarden Kiteboarden, Kitesurfen

With our new Wake Winch (motor operated winch) in Mastichari we are able to practice the water start with the kite board even without wind. That enables you to experience the first feeling on the board even without the kite. Or we just having fun during a wakeboard session.

Stand Up Paddle

Surfen mit dem Stand up paddle board

Our new SUP´s (Stand Up Paddle) from Bic are a further innovation to bridge a windless day with sport. These Boards are perfect to surf on small waves or to train your endurance.

Aqua Slider, Ringo, Water-Ski

Aqua Slider, Ringo Ringo, Schleppfahrten, Aqua Slider Water Ski, Ringo, Aqua Slider

The Holiday fun for the whole family. You are getting bored of just laying on the beach and getting burned by the sun. With our Water Ski, Aqua Slider and Funny Ringo you can bring fun and action into our beach holidays. These toy´s are as well a funny alternativ to Windsurfing and Kitesurfing when the wind is calm